How Was a Towing Service Performed Years Ago

The Net worth of the towing industry today is about $15 billion. Specialty Towing and Impound is proud to be a part of this industry. It had cost us a lot of efforts to get here and earn the reputation of a reliable towing service provider in Sacramento, CA. We have evolved a lot to deserve the title of being the most acknowledged towing contractor in town. But it is not only our team and equipment that evolved through the years to get us here. Other towing companies have also undergone some serious evolution, mainly when it comes to the tow trucks they use. There are five basic types of towing vehicles:

– hook and chain

– boom

– flatbed

– wheel-lift

– integrated

reputable towing servicesToday, we are going to speak about them and their evolution through time.

  • 1916 – Ernest Holmes is inspired to invent the tow truck in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His first model is a pulley and chain hooked to a 1913 Cadillac.

  • 1919 – Holmes patents his tow truck design and starts manufacturing vehicles to sell. He started with an $680 model, but that price turned out to be too high, so he made some adjustments and produced a vehicle which caused $485 and was selling relatively better.

  • 1943 – Ernest Holmes Jr. takes over the Holmes Company. At that time it owns 75% of the towing industry.

  • 1955 – Rebello’s Towing Services is started by Joe Rebello in California.

  • 1973 – The Holmes Company is sold to the Dover Corporation for $64 million. The grandson of Ernest Holmes starts Century wreckers to compete.

  • 1990- Miller Industries buys the Holmes Company and produces 5,000-6,000 tow trucks per year.

  • 1994 – Burt Dean, a member of the California Tow Truck Association Legislative Committee, purchases Rebello’s Towing services with his wife.

  • 1995 – The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum opens in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with more than 10,000 visitors per year.

If you are curious to learn more about the evolution of the towing vehicles itself or want to find out what type of tow trucks are we using now, contact our towing service team at (916) 879-0200. We are always ready to answer your questions or deliver quality, fast road assistance whenever you need it. 

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