What Type of Tow Trucks Do Towing Service Providers in Sacramento, CA Work With?

There are three main types of towing vehicles you can call for when you get stranded on the road. If you have never booked a towing service before, you may be interested to learn what vehicles you can expect to see when you need to call for help.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

The best thing about them is that they do not cause any damage to the vehicle they are towing. They use a metal yoke instead of chains to hook the front or the rear wheels of the car which has to be towed away to the nearest repair shop. When the yoke is hooked, a pneumatic hoist or a hydraulic lift suspends both the front and the rear side of the automobile so that it is lifted and transported. This mechanism significantly reduces the risk of car damage during transportation.

Rollback Tow Truck

This type of truck is characterized by a flat top and has a hydraulic system which serves to move the flat bed upwards and downwards. This is the only type of towing truck which allows the vehicle that needs an emergency service to be driven directly onto a ramp. This has been the most used type of tow truck over the last decade because the vehicle being towed does not have to be dragged.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

Almost no towing service provider now works with these types of trucks, but it may be worth knowing their characteristics. The name pretty much describes the vehicle; it has a hook and a chain, which are used to tow the cargo. The chain is wrapped around axles and frames of cars in order to tow them. The reason why these trucks are no longer widely used is that such towing causes scratches and damage to the automobile. Such tow trucks, however, are ideal for transporting junk cars and wrecked vehicles.

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